We Fund More Choices. More Attention. More Inspiration.


Find out how your generous gift enriches the academic experience of every Aragon student.


More Choices Means...


More Classes. AEF funds new curriculum - Recent examples include Creative Writing, AP Chemistry, Biotech, World Languages, Multivariable Calculus, Dance, Ethnic Studies, and more.


More Attention Means...


More Sections. Students flourish when class sizes are small. That’s why AEF funds additional sections of popular and required classes, including English, Math, World History, & Biology.


More Counseling Support. We pay for additional counseling support and college/career services, including AVID, a college readiness program. We also support Career Day.


More Inspiration Means...


More Engaging Classroom Materials for every Aragon subject, from P.E. to History, in the form of equipment, like pacing clocks, cordless drills, and ceramic kilns, to field trips and guest speakers. We listen to teachers and give them what they need to enrich their courses.


More science labs and materials. AEF inspires science students to dissect sheep brains, pig hearts, and cow eyes. And experiments are brought into clear view with state-of-the-art microscopes.


More Technology, from digital photography equipment to laptops, graphing calculators, and software, AEF ensures that technology is intrinsic to the classroom experience.


More Training. We fund professional development for teachers, keeping them at the forefront of new curricula and instructional strategies.


Questions? Contact us at AEFChair@aragonptso.org.