Our PTSO Leaders

Our PTSO comprises hard-working parents, teachers, and students who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know them, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Interested in open positions? Contact us!


PTSO Board

Presidents Lauri Floresca & Lisa Shirley Presidents@aragonptso.org 
VP Aragon Excellence Fund Amy Killeen Saunders AEFChair@aragonptso.org 
VP Communications/Secretary Lisa Wright VPCommunications@aragonptso.org 
VP Community Building & Volunteers Kristen Ramseyer & Afsoon Turner VPCommunityEvents@aragonptso.org 
VP Events Margaret Lo VPEvents@aragonptso.org 
VP Student Events Romy Pavolotsky & Michelle Ke VPStudentEvents@aragonptso.org 
Auditor Lisa Molloy Auditor@aragonptso.org 
Parliamentarian/Historian Laura Quanbeck Parliamentarian@aragonptso.org 
Treasurer Anna Kwok & Cheryl Hagedorn Treasurer@aragonptso.org 
Grade 12 student representative Katelyn Rau ... 
Grade 11 student representative Charis Hsieh ... 
Grade 10 student representative ... ... 
Principal Valerie Arbizu varbizu@smuhsd.org 


PTSO Fundraising Chairs

AEF Chair Amy Killeen AEFChair@aragonptso.org 
AEF Treasurer Trisha Ortiz AEFTreasurer@aragonptso.org 


PTSO Program Chairs

8th Grade Outreach ... 8thGradeOutreach@aragonptso.org 
A-News Jenn Wilcox ANewsEditor@aragonptso.org 
Career Fair ... CareerFair@aragonptso.org 
Freshman Committee ... Freshman@aragonptso.org 
Freshman Communications Molly Reidy FreshmanCommunications@aragonptso.org 
Grad Night ... GradNight@aragonptso.org 
Grad Night Admin ... GradNightAdmin@aragonptso.org 
International Food Fair ... FoodFair@aragonptso.org 
Parent Ed Margaret Lo ParentED@aragonptso.org 
Senior Activities Romy Pavolotsky, Cariad Thronson & Sonia Cole SeniorActivities@aragonptso.org 
Senior Activities Treasurer Terri Rivera SeniorActivitiesTreasurer@aragonptso.org 
Senior Scholarship ... SeniorScholarship@aragonptso.org 
Staff Appreciation Gina Tsai StaffAppreciation@aragonptso.org 
Summer Enrichment Fair ... EnrichmentFair@aragonptso.org 
Webmaster Shauna Liu Webmaster@aragonptso.org 
Workspace - Email/Drive ... Workspace@aragonptso.org