How can you DOUBLE the impact of your generous donations and EXTEND the effect of your exceptional volunteering hours?


Corporates offer "Matching Gifts" - Corporate Match and Volunteer Grants!


Aragon programs depend on your generous contributions and the crucial Corporate Matching Gifts. It’s hard to believe that statistics show an average of 78% of the donors unaware of the Corporate Match, while there is potential to get 50% of the fundraising through Matching Gifts. Corporate Match ranges from 1:1 to 5:1 with a minimum and maximum limit. Similarly, most corporates offer Volunteer Grants ranging from $10 to $25 for every hour of volunteering. Thanks to all the donors for following through with the matching gifts process! The process would be as simple as filling in your details online.


Please search your company above for the details and process of your company’s Matching and Volunteer Grants. If you are unable to find your company in the search, please get in touch with your Human Resources Department and ask about “Matching Gifts” for “501(c)(3)” organizations. If you have any questions or need help or a receipt, please contact the PTSO treasurer at

Questions? Contact PTSO Treasurer at